Brian Kalita kalita at bbn.com
Wed Jun 1 08:27:15 EST 1994

mobulacc at CATS.UCSC.EDU writes:

>> Dear Fellow-Netters
>> I have recently been informed that I must teach an undergraduate (College Jrs. 
>> & Seniors) Immunology course.
>> Can anyone suggest a good book for the course?
>Janis Kuby's Immunology

>It is what I am using in my undergrad course right now.  I love it.

>	-Torea M. Bent-VanEvery
>	mobulacc at cats.ucsc.edu

I'll second the use of Janis Kuby's Immunology.  I took an undergrad/grad
immunology course at the Harvard Extenstion School last year and found,
from a student's perspective, the text to be quite interesting and informative.


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