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Manuel Simon ma at ABC.univie.ac.at
Wed Jun 1 10:57:12 EST 1994

In article <61245561wnr at brighton.demon.co.uk> Rob at brighton.demon.co.uk (Rob Lambkin) writes:
>From: Rob at brighton.demon.co.uk (Rob Lambkin)
>Subject: Reference software
>Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 09:54:26 +0000

>Can anyone recomend a Bibliographical database that will run under 
>windows and allow me to create links between winword 6 and the database. 
>Hopefully it would then compile my reference list for me, and probably 
>make a better job of it!
>It should also let me import the 9000 odd refs I have stored in Papyrus 
>WinRefer is almost perfect except for this last point.
>Thanks in advance.

High Rob

I use the program Reference-Manager for Windows. It can nicely import 
reference from a variety of sources, e.g. current contents, silverplatter 
medline or also user defined files. Unfortunately it does NOT work with 
WinWord 2.0 or 6.0: Therefore, before you can incorporte proper citation into 
your text (in one of 100 Journal formats) you ought to save your paper under 
WinWord 1.x format. Then you can run a Refman-Bibliography.


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