immune transplant for treating hiv or organ rejection

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: >|> I read somewhere about transplanting a functioning human immune system
: >|> into SCID mice. I was wondering if there are other examples of transplanting
: >|> immune systems between species. I was wondering if this could be a potential
: >|> treatment for hiv e.g. using the immune sytem of a species that isn't 
: >|> susceptible to the virus to replace the immune system of the hiv infected
: >|> person.
: >|> 
: >|> Along this line I've heard of a treatment (maybe it was called Total
: >|> Lymphoid Irradiation) using radiation to destroy a persons immune
: >|> system. Then the immune system can be restarted from saved stem cells
: >|> possibly eliminating rejection of transplanted organs. I was wondering
: >|> if something like this is being tried or used? If this is not successfull I 
: >|> would also be interested in finding out what is the best guess as to why not.
: >|> 
: >|> Thanks for your time.
: >|> 
: >|> mike
: >|> 

No Way. HIV infects many other tissues such as stem cells and epithelial
cells. The Stem cells especially act as resevoirs of the Virus. 
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