Immunogenicity/Other Properties of P. cepacia

jbarbou1 at gmuvax.gmu.edu jbarbou1 at gmuvax.gmu.edu
Thu Jun 2 12:59:55 EST 1994

Dear Net Users:

I am hoping to find sources in the literature and or other individuals who have wo
worked with Pseudomonas cepacia.  This pathogen was originally found in plants
but has since crossed over into humans, being found primarily in persons with
respiratory ailments.

Specifically I am looking to find information on its adhesion properties, and
its varying morphologies (viewed as plated colonies, and under microscope.)  We
are trying to boost our colony numbers, and ensure we have no cross-con-

I have posted this notice to both the cellbio and immunology bionet groups 
because our work addresses immune response to this cellular pathogen.

Thank you,

Jason Barbour
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA
jbarbou1 at gmu.edu

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