Killer strep

Dr. M.C. Diffin mdiffin at crc.ac.uk
Sat Jun 4 12:27:12 EST 1994

In article <2sncu3INN7hq at no-names.nerdc.ufl.edu> kimi at pine.circa.ufl.edu writes:
>Hello, Netters; wanted to run an unnerving news spot by you all: I've heard (second-hand, so I didn't catch the spot myself) of a drug-resistant strep supposedly in England, dissolves muscle and fat, only way to stop it is amputation, several people dead.  This was a couple of weeks ago, and nothing since then (I've been keeping an ear out).  Anybody hear anything else?  If we're going to relive the fourteenth century, I'ld like prior notice!

It is NOT drug resistant - the group A streptococci responsible generally
respond well to penicillin ig agressive therapy is initiated quickly enough.
A small number of deaths occur every year due to these bugs - the disease is
called necrotising fasciitis - but presumably the gentlemen of the press have
only just realised it.  To be fair, there did seem to be an unusual clustering 
of cases this year.

BTW, I am preparing a summary on necrotising fasciitis due to several requests -
anyone who wants a copy (for what it's worth) should email me.


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