Journal Club: Choosing a paper for June, 1994

J Matthew Buchanan jbuchana at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jun 7 09:40:59 EST 1994

I apologize for the fact that it took me awhile to get back to the JC idea, but
we just went through exams.  Enough said....

I am currently rolling over a couple papers for this month, and will post the 
final decision tomorrow morning.

I had a large response via e-mail, and the posts in the group were numerous as 
well.  I am not maintaining a formal list of members, and I think I will take 
suggestions from everyone for papers each month.  On the first of the month, I 
will solicit requests from the group.  If you want to suggest a paper for June,
it is not too late.  Let me know today......

Matt Buchanan

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