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Camilla Cracchiolo <camilla at netcom.com> wrote:
>There are a lot of people on the Internet with immune related
>illnesses.  Because of this, I've floated the idea for a sci.med
>immunology newsgroup.

I, being someone having hypogammaglobulanemia, would like to see a group 
that would allow any flow of useful information from professional to 
layman in the area of immunology. I have been following bionet.immunology
for over a year now and the 3 times I tried to get information, not a
single person would respond. It is almost as if the people in this
group are beyond helping a simple person from finding out more
information about their disease or even which books one should read to
get more information.

>However, the response from MDs and immunologists has been underwhelming
>at best.  One person suggested that this would duplicate the function
>of your newsgroup here, bionet.immunology.

The problem is that the information here is not aimed towards
assistance of patients. It is, as you said, all research based. After
spending 3 years at a site that was more interested in my blood than my
how my health actually was, this is not something that patients enjoy.

>you would not welcome a large influx of laypeople with immune
>related illnesses over here.

They would simply ignore them til they went away.

I appologize, but I had to put my 2 cents in after trying to get
information from this news group.

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