Q: Artificial neural networks in immunology?

Jeremy Creighton Ahouse ahouse at hydra.rose.brandeis.edu.
Fri Jun 10 17:17:49 EST 1994

Stephanie Forrest has looked at Computation in the immune system using
a GA approach.  Also check out the Theoretical Immunology volumes I &
II in the Santa Fe Institute Proceedings Series (ed. by Alan Perelson).
 There is a review in vol III of the Lectures in the Sciences of
Complexity (ed. Dan Stein) by Perelson.

Be forewarned that immunology + neural networks has been anticipated by
Jerne's network theory (Jerne 1974 "Towards a network theory of the
immune system" Ann. Immunol. Inst. Pasteur 125 C 373-389).  This has
been a contentious area and as far as I can tell it is still a favorite
among theory types but ignored by empiricists.  This may mean that the
theory people find it a rich playground but the network structure
doesn't jump out at you (compare neural networks that are readily
visualized under a dissecting scope).  Other authors to pursue are A.
Perelson, R. De Boer, and R. Anderson.

You may also want to look at:
|      AUTHOR: Varela, Francisco J.; Coutinho, Antonio
|       TITLE: Second generation immune networks.
|JOURNAL NAME: Immunology today.
|  VOL, ISSUE: Volume 12, Number 5
|       PAGES: 159
|    PUB DATE: May
|        YEAR: 1991
|        TYPE: Literature
|        ISSN: 0167-4919
|  J ALT NAME: Immunology today (Reference edition)

for introductory material.

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