equilibrium binding constants for Ab's

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echang at cbmse.nrl.navy.mil (Eddie Chang) writes:


>    I'm asking for a friend about the existence of any information on
>how to determine the equilibrium binding constants for _immobilized_
>antibodies on a solid substrate, i.e., how it's done, whether it's
>different from solution values, etc...

>Thanks in advance.  You can either answer here or at my e-mail address.

>echang at cbmse.nrl.navy.mil (eddie chang)
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There certainly are differences between binding constants measured in
solution and those measured on a solid surface (such as a plastic plate
used in an ELISA or some sort of column support).  The antibody bound
to the solid substate is much less likely to be in a native conformation
and thus may bind differently.  Worse yet the changes in binding seem
to vary from antibody to antibody and even between different concentrations
of the same antibody (in the case of coated ELISA wells).

A paper lying on my desk jumps out at me:

	P. A. Underwood
	Journal of Immunological Methods 164(1993)119-130

If you need some more references, email me and I will take a look.

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