Quenching FITC

Erik Robert Wilson erwg0233 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Thu Jun 16 07:47:00 EST 1994

mjtino at acpub.duke.edu (Michael J. Tino) writes:

>I am having trouble with an assay for phagocytosis in which I would like to 
>examine fluorescence of ingested FITC-labelled bacteria by macrophages.
>In order to do this, I must quench the FITC outside of the macrophages to
>distinguish between extra- and intracellular fluorecence.  I've
>tried crystal violet and trypan blue, but with no success.  Any suggestions?

>Michael Tino
>michael_tino at cellbio.duke.edu

Some have sucessfully used anti fluorescein antibodies for this purpose.
Molecular Probes (503) 465-8300 sells antibodies for this purpose and
should be able to point you at some good references.

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