Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Sun Jun 12 14:59:02 EST 1994

I think immunologists on the net understand many scientific aspects behind
immunological disorders. In fact they understand them REALLY well, however
most of them including me can only inform patients about WHY and HOW the
disorder exists. We can't comment on the efficacy of a drug or ( generally) 
the physiological  symptoms to a great extent. 
As an example if an HIV patient wanted to know why they are
immunedeficient I could explain it to them ( and in Detail ) but the
medical care is out of my hands. I hope none of the patients with
 think that Bionet.immunology people are arrogant and don't care
about the patients. They just don't like to comment on an aspect they are not
very familiar with. I have a lot of respect for Immunologists on this net
and it's them and other immunologists that are the main force behind the
advancements in the area of immunologically related diseases.
Anyway I think the idea of Sci.med.immunology is a good area for the
patients to post questions, where both immunologists and the physicians
can answer both sides of the question.
Shahram Mori
Program in Molecular Biology
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry Box 3C
Las cruces, NM

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