Does HIV cause AIDS?

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Subject: Re: Does HIV cause AIDS?
From: James Edwin Thompson, jet14 at merhaba.cc.columbia.edu
Date: 7 Jun 1994 19:18:26 GMT
In article <2t2h62$72e at apakabar.cc.columbia.edu> James Edwin Thompson,
jet14 at merhaba.cc.columbia.edu writes:
>First, I DO NOT BELIEVE DUESBERG. But, with that centrifuge accident, I'm
>sure the inevitable reply will come up "Was this person put on anti-
>retrovirals?" (AZT, etc.). So, I'd like to know that. If he wasn't, I'd
>definitely say that that report is the nail in the coffin of Duesberg's 
>arguments.       -J

why does it always come down to cartoonish BELIEVERS vs. NONBELIEVERS 
with respect to Duesberg?

He says LOTS of things that have merit, irrespective of who's saying them.

The opposite is also true.

And until a causal link is identified or conclusively disproven, why 
would ANYONE eliminate ANY sound reasoning out of hand?

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