Medical/clinical texts on Human Immunology?

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Sat Jun 18 16:24:44 EST 1994

_Cellular and Molecular Immunology_, by Abbas, Lichtman, and Pober,
and published by Saunders, is an excellent text for an introduction
to Immunology, especially for readers with a good background in
fundamental biology (as you have).  We used it for a grad school
"Intro to Immunology" course, and it served pretty well as far
as detail is concerned.

If you want the most comprehensive text there is, then I am told
that you should read _Fundamental Immunology_, edited by Paul.
This book is famous for its detail, and may be the most up-to-date,
since the most recent edition (3rd) was just released in the winter
of 1993.  I would reccomend buying Abbas (as we call it) and
consulting Paul when more detail is necessary.

There is another book that immunologists around here use, but I
forget its name.  One of the authors/editors' names is Roitt (I think)

Hope this helps,

Dave Plas
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