gene targeting mutant mice

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Sat Jun 18 03:52:22 EST 1994

I am preparing a list of mutant mouse strains generated 
by gene targeting, affecting genes involved in the
development and function of the immune system. 

I am specially interested in targeting experiments which are
ongoing, submitted for publications or accepted for publication
but not yet published (The others I probably know).

One aim of this list is to get an overview
of what has been done and to avoid dupliation of efforts. 
If possible, please indicate whether I should indicate your 
reply into the list and whether your mutants would be avaiable
to other researchers upon request.

After compilation of the list I will then post it to this newsgroup 
as I think this list would be very usefull for many researchers in
the immunology field.

Please reply by E-mail to my mail account and NOT to this list!

Thank you very much for your help.

Werner Mueller
Institute for Genetics
University of Cologne
Weyertal 121
E-Mail: Wmueller at genetik.uni-koeln.de

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