CD26,CD13, & CD10

Roger Burger sl061 at CC.USU.EDU
Tue Jun 21 10:16:39 EST 1994

>Can anyone out there enlighten me as to the cell type distribution of
>CD26, CD13 and CD10 or let me know about some references that might have
>this information? I have tried a number of different references that I
>obtained off Medline but none seem to address the question I'm asking.
>Possibly, this type of work hasn't been done. Thanks alot.
>                                                R.E.Means

Here you are Robert

CD 10

Ritz, et al. 1980. Nature 283:583-585. and Ritz, 1981. Blood 58: 648-652.


Griffin, et al. 1981.  J Clin Invest  68: 932.

CD26 (Ta1)

Fox, et al.  1984. Journal of Immunology 133: 1250-1256.


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