Cytomegalovirus - What is it?

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re: cytomegalovirus
You might look at: 
Stinski, M. F. (1978) Sequence of protein synthesis in cells infected
by human cytomegalovirus: Early and late virus-induced polypeptide.  J.
Virol. 26, 686-701.

Also from Nature v331, 21 Jan 1988 p209 News and Views by Don Wiley:
   "HCMV [Human cytomegalovirus], a herpes-virus, causes widespread,
subclinical infections in humans andsignificant illness and death among
immunosuppressed patients such as those receiving organ transplant* or
suffereing from AIDS**."

* Ho, M. Archs Virol. 55, 1-24 (1977)
** Sonnabend, J., Witkin, S.S. & Purtilo, D.T. J. Am. Ass. 249,
2370-2374 (1984)

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