Western Conference in Immunology

Winoto lab lab_winoto at maillink.berkeley.edu.
Mon Jun 27 01:23:53 EST 1994

Sorry this is getting posted so late but I wasn't aware of this forum
until today.  I'd like to announce the 1994 Western Conference in
Immunology will take place on July 8-10 in Berkeley, California.  This
years keynote address will be delivered by Dr Charles Janeway Jr from
Yale University at 8:00 pm on July 8th followed by a reception with
hosted bar. Talks by grad students and post-docs will be on the
mornings of July 9-10.  Continental breakfast and lunches will be
provided.  Although we have filled our speakers schedule there is still
room for anyone who wishes to give a poster or to merely attend.  There
is still some hotel space available if you need housing.  Registration
fees run from $15.00 (no housing) to $55.00 if you need housing ($35.00
if you give a poster and need housing).  The conference is designed to
be an informal forum for grad students and post-docs to present and
discuss there research.  Anyone interested in more information should
contact:  Paul W. Diaz  at lab_winoto at Maillink.Berkeley.edu  

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