Western Conference in Immunology: presentations II

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I forgot to paste in this info before sending so here it is:


Talks scheduled for WCI 94

Nancy A Hosken DNAX,
Dendritic Cells Induce Th1 Development by an IL-2 Dependent Mechanism
in the Abscence of IL-4 Producing Cells
Susan Koch  UC San Diego,	
CD4 T-cell Anergy in MAIDS
Scott Todd  San Diego State University,	
Human Thymocyte response to Epstein-Barr Virus
Mark  Schrenzel   Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis                        
                                          	Characterization of
T-lymphocyte Development in the Horse
Michelle  Winthrop  UC Davis Medical Cente,
Apoptotic Mechanism Utilizations to Develop a Genetic Panel for
Enhanced Therapy Analysis of Breast Cancer
Subramaniam Malarkannan   UC Berkeley	
Expression Cloning of an Alloantigen Gene
Michele Boytim     Stanford University	
Immunoregulatory Effects of an HLA  Class II Peptide
Janelle Noble  Roche Molecular Systems	
Ben Ortiz     Stanford University	
Studying the Transcriptional Regulation of Genes from Hell
Thera Mulvania  UC Davis	
The Role of gamma/delta T-cells During the Immune response to
Leishmania major
Abdel Hamad	Monoclonal  National Jewish Center, CO 
Antibodies Defining Functional Sites on the Toxin Superantigen SEB
Michael Crowley  Stanford University	
NKB1, A Natural Killer Cell HLA Receptor, Recognizes a Region of HLA-B
Alleles Comprising the BW4 Epitope
Panos Kabouridis San Diego State University	
Involvement of G-proteins in T-cell Activation
Linda Cauley   UCSD Cancer 
Center	Evidence for a Heavy Chain Intermeditate in the Assembly of H-2d
Class I MHC Molecules
David Spencer   Stanford 
University	Control of Gene Expression with Synthetic Ligands
Ginny Smith   UC Berkeley	
Gerneration on a Dominant Negative Mutation of GATA-3: Functional
Redundancy of the T-Cell Receptor alpha and beta Enhancer
John Woronicz  UC Berkeley	
Cloning of Genes Involved in Apotosis in T-cells
Paul W. Diaz	
A Locus Control Region for the TCRa/d Locus
Jason Marshall Stanford University	

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