Best graduate programs for immunology

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> I am looking for information concerning PhD level graduate programs in immunology across the U.S.  I am only looking for listings of schools that would consider
> candidates with no previous lab experience with immunology, but does have some
> background with immunology coursework.  Since my background is in toxicology,
> I would also be interested in schools that may have specific programs for this
> sub-discipline.  Any information would be helpful, and thanks in advance.

One option is to apply into programs that have a diverse number of
laboratories in participation or under one large department.  The
University of California at Berkeley has a small but strong program in
immunology.  The division of immunology is in the Dept. of Mol. and
Cell Biol. which has about 90 participating laboratories.  When you
apply into the MCB dept. you have the option of rotating through any of
the labs are are in the department.  There are a number of top notch
universities that have this system UC San Francisco etc.  Hope you hear
from them.  Good luck.


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