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> I am interested in the application of antibodies to immunoassays
> for relatively small organic molecules. Is there a database
> somewhere which summarizes what antibodies are available
> which respond selectively to, say, PAH's, or monomers
> such as styrene ?
> Looking through the catalogs and the literature, it seems
> that most antibodues are raised against other proteins.
> However, there are cases (PCB's, for example) where
> immunoassays have been implemented for non-biological
> analytes. Is there a vendor which specializes in
> these types of "anti-industrial" antibodies ?


Take a look at some of the work that Peter Schultz at UC Berkeley's
Lawrence/Berkeley Laboratories as well as Lerner's work down in San
Diego.  They work on the production of catalytic antibodies made
against non-protein chemical transition-state analogs.  They might be
able to help you get in touch with people who've made antibodies
against small organic molecules.  Some might be catalytic abs that
didn't work but still bound the molecule of interest.

Good luck,
lab_winoto at Maillink.Berkeley.edu

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