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Bevan McWilliam bevanmcw at KOKAKO.WNMEDS.AC.NZ
Thu Jun 30 00:05:22 EST 1994

I wish to broaden the the small but constant thread of immunologists
looking for good texts.

I am a researcher using basic immunochemical techniques in the lab.  Though
I refer consantly to my old theoretical text books form my degree course, I
would really like a comprehensive text that deals exclusively with
laboratory techniques, including trouble shooting guides for ELISAs, dot
blots,Western blotting, raising and purifying antibodies etc.  A text in
the spirit of the molecular biologists bible of Maniatis would be ideal.

"Antibodies", (I forget the author) has suited my needs till now, but I
would really like some alternative texts to give my understanding of the
problems unique to immunologists some real depth.  It is a trouble shooting
guide that I really want but it also it seems a little short sighted to
rely on one text for everything.

I have gone through some library references looking for alternatives and
have come up with the following.  If anyone on the net has used any of
these and is feeling altruistic, I would appreciate reccomendations or
condemnations so I don't waste my money.

Possible Laboratry Manuals for Immunoassays (Total NLM Refs from 1990+)

Analytical Techniques in Immunochemistry
Terry M. Philips - NY
c1992. -xx, 3434p.:ill. includes bibleographical refs and index.
O2 NLM:QW 504.5 P563a 1992
Cit. No.9113677 (rev. CIP)

Manual of Laboratory Immunology
Linda E. Miller (et. al.) - 2nd ed. Philidephia
Lea and Fabiger 1991
- xiv, 427p.:ill Rev. Ed of Manual of Laboratory Immunology/ Julia E.
Peacock and Russell H.Tomer. 1980
O2 NLM: QW 525 M294 1991
Cit. No. 8918145 (rev. CIP)

Immunochemical Techniques for the Identification and Estimation of
Macromolecules ? J. Clausen - 3rd rev ed. - Amsterdam; New York: Elsevier:
New York, NY, USA 1988. xvi, 463p.:ill
O2 NLM: WI LA 232K v.1 pt. 3 1988
OX NLM: [QU 25 C616i 1988]
Cit. No. 8709484 (rev. CIP)

Immunochemical Protocols. Ed: Margeret M. Manson. - Totowa, N.J. Humana
Press c1992 - xiii, 480p, ill. includes bibleographical refs and index.
        1. Antibodies - Isolation and Purification. Lab Manuals
        2. Immunochemistry Methods. Lab Manuals
(Series: Methods in Molecular Biology). Clifton, NJ
O2 NLM: WI ME9616 J v.10 1992
OX NLM: [QW 25 I334 1992]

Methods of Immunological Analysis. Ed: Rene F. Masseyeff
- Weinheim, federal republic of Germany; New York, NY, USA: VCH, c1993 -
v.: ill. includes bibleographical refs and index.
Partial Contents: v.1. Fundamentals;  v.2. Samples and Reagents.
O2 NLM: QY 250 M5925 1993
Cit. No. 9212147 (rev. CIP)

Handbook of Immunochemistry. Miroslav, Ferencik.
1st Ed. London: New York: Chapman & Hall, 1993 - x, 519 p.: ill. includes
bibleographical refs and index.
O2 NLM: QW 504.5 F349h 1993
Cit No. 9314435

Immunochemical Techniques  Laboratory Manual.  John Goers.
San Diego: Academic Press c1993 - xvii, 188p.:includes bibleographical refs
and index.
O2 NLM: QW 525 G597i 1993
Cit No. 9206480 (rev. CIP)

Thanks in advance,

Bevan McWilliam
Department of Medicine
Wellington Clinical School of Medicine
Wellington New Zealand
Ph 64-04-3855999 X 6843
FAX 64-04-3895725

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