Any evidence Communicable Immunity?

R. Wade Schuette schuette at quip.eecs.umich.edu
Mon Mar 7 02:50:28 EST 1994

This may be a dumb question, and I apologize if it's emotionally
charged, but I'm working on a paper on adaptive systems and came
across this question that I really had no idea about;

After fetal development and breast-feeding, which have obvious
mechanisms, is there any evidence for communication between immune
systems directly of working responses against pathogens?

I'm interested in plants as well as animals, and secondarily in
signalling mechanisms to invoke existing responses, but primarily
in solution of the problem in one immune system and transmission
of that answer to other immune systems, a human counterpart of 
Multiple Drug Resistant exchange of attacking/defense strategies.

Obviously people with labs and hypodermics can facilitate such 
exchanges, ala "immunizations".  But what occurs "naturally"?

Anecdotal information, blue-sky speculation, as welcome as 
peer-reviewed journal references.  Theoretical arguements why
this might, Must, Can't possibly occur also welcome.

E-mail long stuff or flame-war bait, and I'll preprocess and
post the results or summarize the structure of the thinking.

Basically, one way to look at this is, besides Acquired Immune
Deficits, are there Acquired Immune Strengths?

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