Ctro Inmunologia Molecular monoclon at infomed.sld.cu
Tue Mar 15 00:17:29 EST 1994

We have known about EUCAMBIS through Bionet discussion group. The idea of a
concerted action seems very attractive. We work at the Center of Molecular
Immunology in Havana, CUBA; a research facility actively working on monoclonal
antibodies and cancer vaccines. One of the teams has been studying natural
autoantibodies against peptide growth factors. Main interest has been
autoantibody relationships with malignant tumors. However, a screening on
healthy population is going on (for setting up good controls) and these
measurements can provide information about aging also.
Would a subject like this be interesting for EUCAMBIS? Are there other
on going projects about this? Which members of Bionet discussion group are
involved in autoantibody research? We would like to identify people active
in the field in order to exchange more specific information. You can also
contact us by fax. (537-335049)

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