Anergy & Memory

Mr. M. Kuiper mkuiper at crc.ac.uk
Sun Mar 20 07:34:12 EST 1994

Hello immunonetters,

Has anybody out there an idea about the question if anergized T-cells generate
memory cells?

The concept of anergy vs activation is quite difficult for me, since I
think that anergized and activated T-cells against the same antigen might
exist side by side. To me this seems to be a very inefficient and possibly
dangerous for the organism, depending on which of both populations is
dominant. The question whether anergized T-cells generate memory cells is
central to me in this process, because anergy could then be equally impor-
tant to activation in a 2nd response to an antigen.

Marcel Kuiper. mkuiper at uk.ac.crc.hgmp    or    rchz103 at uk.ac.kcl.cc.bay

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