Does HIV kill cells?

Matthew P Wiener weemba at sagi.wistar.upenn.edu
Thu Mar 24 09:18:41 EST 1994

In article <2mrn44$bl4 at nntp2.Stanford.EDU>, ladasky at leland (John Ladasky) writes:
>       I've heard of two mechanisms by which indirect cell death
>might occur in AIDS.  The first involves soluble gp120.  [...]

>       Sorry, I'm at home now and don't have the references handy.
>But there is a nice mini-review/commentary article in a recent
>Immunology Today called, "Immune Response to HIV - Helpful or
>Harmful?"  It covers the gp120/ anti-gp120 hypothesis.

One version--perhaps worth calling a third mechanism--of this is
Hoffman's network theory.  There is surprising homology between
gp120 and MHC(II), which is expressed on T-cells.  Hoffman theorizes
that anti-gp120 antibodies also attack MHC(II) T-cells.
-Matthew P Wiener (weemba at sagi.wistar.upenn.edu)

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