Costimulation in CD8 T cells

Tue Mar 29 14:06:36 EST 1994


I was wondering what other folks thought about the role of costimulation 
in CD8 T cells, especially via B7/CD28.  Most of the literature on this
topic deals with CD4 T cells.  Harding and Allison (J. Exp. Med., 177:1791-
6, 1993) showed that in the absence of APCs and CD4 T cells, a normally 
non-stimulatory cell line (P815), when transfected with B7, could stimulate 
a CTL response (H-2k v. H-2d).  The CTL generated by the B7-P815
stimulators could lyse B7-P815 as well as non-transfected P815.  If the 
B7-P815s were fixed, there was no CTL activation.  However, the fixed 
stimulators worked if a CD28 mAb was added to provide the costimulation.

The result that sort of surprised me was that IL-2 could be used instead 
of CD28 mAb to allow activation with the fixed cells.  My questions are:

1)  Can IL-2 replace costimulation for CD8 activation?  My impression was 
that this was not the case for CD4 cells.

2)  What if you coated a plate with Class I coupled with peptide, or maybe 
anti-CD3, and threw in allogenic T cells and IL-2.  Would you get activation?
What does this say about the requirements for costimulation in CD8 T cells?


rick willis

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