New Kabat DB retriever

George Johnson george at immuno.bme.nwu.edu
Tue Mar 29 09:12:33 EST 1994

Give it a try!

Kabat Database Help 

You may retrieve any number of entries containing a regular expression
pattern from the Kabat database of sequences of proteins of 
immunological interest.  The entries are returned in fixed 80 character
length lines whose format I still have to describe and may change a 
little depending on your feedback.

To send a request, you must specify:


For those of you who know what a regular expression is that's what
pattern is.  In fact, all pattern is is the tpat of $0 ~ tpat.  
Pretty moronic, no?  For those of you who don't, here are some basics:

atgggcc.gtgc.cg.      will match any base where there is a period
atg.*cg               will match any NUMBER of any kind of base
                      between atg and cg.
kabat                 will match the pattern kabat.

There are also a bunch of other insanely specific patterns you can use.

You may also specify the maximum number of documents, but don't have to.
It will default to 20.


Send the request to :

kabatdb at immuno.bme.nwu.edu

You don't have to include a subject line; in fact, you won't get that
line back because the script doesn't read it yet.

Please send feedback to george at immuno.bme.nwu.edu.  I will be logging
requests sent initially to monitor the scripts.  

George Johnson

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