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Wed Mar 30 10:11:00 EST 1994

In a previous article, jbuchana at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (J Matthew Buchanan) wrote:
>I am currently looking for a paper to present in our weekly Immunology Journal 
>Club.  Any suggestions on recent, interesting, important papers?  Lately, we 
>have been Th1/Th2'ed outr
>so anything on that subject may be frowned upon by the members of the club.
>We look for papers of general interest that are potentially important to the 
>field, and usually put a 1 year restriction on paper age.
>Any suggestions will be helpful (and may help to limit my library time!)

I think the recent Cell papers by Hogquist (a Wash U grad!) and Bevan
concerning the roles of peptide in positive selection are some of the
most significant publications in the last 5 years.  Similar work has
also been published by Tonegawa that's quite good, but I still prefer
the Bevan system myself.

Of course, if your club isn't used to discussing the intricacies of
positive selection, these papers can be quite difficult to present.
I think they're worth it, however.

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