virtual immunology journal club

sutherlandmv sutherlandmv at
Tue May 24 10:33:14 EST 1994

I think a virtual immunology journal club sounds like a great idea. 
This would be particularly helpful to people like me who teach at
small, liberal arts colleges with little opportunity to interact with
active researchers.  Although the research that I can do here is pretty
minimal, I do have contact with a truly outstanding group of
undergraduate students.  I had 30 students in my Immunology class this
winter of whom at least 20 would have been fine additions to almost any
graduate program.  Most of them are headed off for medical school, but
there were a few juniors in the bunch who are as yet undecided (hint). 
In order to provide the best training I can for these students I work
to stay abreast of the current literature, but am beginning to fall
behind the state of the art.  Simply reading an article is not enough
to really catch the flavor of the whole research effort!

Mark Sutherland
Hendrix College
Conway, AR 72032
Sutherlandmv at

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