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R.Oehler at folab10.unisurg.ahk-wien.ac.at R.Oehler at folab10.unisurg.ahk-wien.ac.at
Thu Nov 3 04:33:22 EST 1994

In <39aag5$hh2 at infosrv.edvz.univie.ac.at>, R.Oehler at folab10.unisurg.ahk-wien.ac.at writes:
>In <2EB1660E at msmail.sdstate.edu>, HurleyD at mg.sdstate.edu ("Hurley, David             Biol") writes:
>>Hello Bionetters:
>>      We are trying to develop an ELISA for measuring porcine 
>>(Miss Piggy) immunoglobulin.  Our design is: Adhere the detection 
>>monoclonal antibody, an anti-Fc, to the plate.  Treat with the Ab 
>>containing serum and detect with a biotin labeled polyclonal anti-Fab.  
>>     Any suggestions for increasing the specificity is greatly welcome.  
>>Please send them to:  Hurleyd at mg.sdstate.edu
>Hi guys, this is a test. hopefully this time works!
>Rudolf Oehler
>dept. of surgery, research laboratories
>AKH-Wien, 1090 vienna, austria, EU
>phone +1-40400-6979, fax +1-40400-6782

it works

Rudolf Oehler
dept. of surgery, research laboratories
AKH-Wien, 1090 vienna, austria, EU
phone +1-40400-6979, fax +1-40400-6782

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