Your favorite assay for IL-6?

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Mon Nov 7 18:22:18 EST 1994

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>I have used the B9 bioassay for equine serum, and for supernatants.  I
>would like to have a reliable and reasonably priced ELISA to run a large
>number of samples for  equine IL-6 and TNFalpha in equine serum, CSF,
>synovial fluid, peritoneal fluid, urine, maternal fluids (ie amniotic) and
>Julie Robinson DVM, MVSc, MS, DABVP

   Thank you for your response. I talked with some company reps regarding
my question (i.e., availability of an ELISA kit for rat IL-6). It's truned
out that all the company that I contacted sell a kit only for human IL-6
or mouse IL-6 and their anibodies are specific enough not to cross-react
with rat IL-6. Some companies told me that they were considering
developing a kit for rat IL-6, but not yet available. Probably,
a kit for equine IL-6 won't be commercially available unless some
company perceives a sizable demand in the market.

    I seem to end up measuring IL-6 mRNA by northern analysis and
doing the bioassay if the northern results are promising.

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