Monoclonals for flu HA (mt sinai strain)

acer forrest at
Mon Nov 7 20:34:15 EST 1994

 I put this in bionet.virology but thought you might be able to help too.

G'day all,
        I'm enquiring for someone in my lab who doesn't have net access.

She's looking for anyone who might have monoclonals against each of the
antigenic sites of influenza/PR/8/34 (Mt Sinai). She's after both linear
and non-linear epitopes.

She's also wondering whether anyone has the entire sequence for the mt sinai
HA, she only has the partial sequence from Caton et al. (1982;cell).

But wait there's more!!!
        Does anyone have any info on the cross reactivity between Mt Sinai
and cambridge strains (presumably the mabs).

Thanks in advance for any info you can send me (and her), if you can
supply appropriate Mabs then she'll contact you direct through formal
channels (probably fax).

Alistair Forrest (PhD student)  

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