Question about B1a & B1b cells

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> Welcome !
>     Please help me if you know. I have friend who makes own BSc 
> thesis. He like to know about nonventional B1 cells, if we use more 
> exact topic about B1a es B1b. Does anybody know which news write  
> latest articles of this topic. Or are there biology or imunology 
> gopher somwhere ? Please send me the news, articles headline or how I 
> can reach database.

I don't know about online databases of info on B1 cells, but there are
some recent reviews: Hardy and Hayakawa, Adv. Immunol. 55:297 (1994)
                Kantor and Herzenberg, Ann. Rev. Immunol. 11:501 (1993)
There was an Immunology Today "debate", v14, No. 2 (1993)
And a volume from a New York Academy meeting, "CD5 B cells in development
and disease", Ann. NY Acad Sci v651 (1992)
Have fun!

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