Recognition of self vs non-self by macrophages?

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Tue Nov 8 08:10:38 EST 1994

Okay, I think we all agree and understand that the mechanisms for presenting
self or foreign peptides are interrelated and that macrophages are no
different in that respect than any other APC.  The question has strayed from
that point I think. The question is: How do macrophages recognize a body to
be phagocytosed? While I agree that other systems can make it easy for the
macrophage (ie recognition by antibodies), this requires that the immune
system have previous knowledge of the foreign particle. Certainly it is true
that there will be cross-reactive antibodies around, but this is like the old
arguement about the chicken and the egg. To anthropomorphize a bit, don't y
believe that there must be a mechanism for the macrophage to make up its own

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