Nerve Growth Factor

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Fri Nov 11 14:38:53 EST 1994

In article <39bn5p$gik at>, emil2345 at (Soren Vestergaard) says:
>As I am re-reading the literature on neurotrophic factors I have come to 
>understand that NGF also has action on the mast cells. It is widely known 
>that NGF is resposable for the differentiation and growing of the sensory 
>and symphatic nervous system, but perhaps this trophic molecule also has 
>a more generel inpact on the immunological system.
>If anyone has any input on this I would be very pleased to se some ideas 
>put forwards. Thanks.
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You might want to look at Thorpe et al. Mechanisms of lymphocyte activation by nerve growth factor. 
Ann NY Acad Sci 594:78-83 (1990).

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