DEBATE: Immune Networks

Can Kesmir kesmir at
Wed Nov 16 12:33:26 EST 1994

Dear everybody, 

I got many different replies to my last two post concerning
immune networks and regulation mechanisms. Apparently, there 
are still many immunologs not believing in immune networks, because
otherwise our B cells would be too "busy" (!!!!!!!!).

Therefore I would like to start a debate about the existence of 
immune networks. Please write your meaning about them with a
little bit of reasoning. 

By the way I believe in that immune networks exist, because 
otherwise I am not able to explain the existence of autoantibodies
together with unspecific immune responce and many others ...

I would appreciate if you send your posts to bionet 
instead of directly to my mail adress, so that everyone can 
join and follow the discussions. 

-Can Kesmir
kesmir at

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