Tolerance vs Autoimmunity

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Wed Nov 16 01:08:53 EST 1994

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>Thomas C.M. Tung (tct8 at wrote:
>I don't believe that any documented experimental observations
>have proven any theory on tolerance induction.  Are you
>interested in theories or primarily experimental documentation?
>To me, the two seem to be equally reliable because the immune system
>is way more complex than any experiment can model and any
>conclusion that is applied to tolerance is by far an

I guess my question boils down to the effects of g-IF on epithelial cell 
lines in vitro.  From my course, I know that g-IF can induce MHC Class II
expression on epithelial cells.  What I'm wondering is whether or not it
can also induce B7 expression in these cells.

If B7 is coexpressed with Class II molecules, then a stronger case could
be made for neo-class II expression as a factor in the development of 
autoimmunity than of peripheral tolerance.  

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