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Subject: Questions of current technology
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Hello!  I'm doing a bit of research for my Business 101 class on how new 
and current technologies are affecting students and faculty in facilities 
of higher education.  This includes computers, of course, but is not 
limited to them as technology includes all new knowledge.  We've made up 
a list of six questions that we would like to have answered, and if you 
could just take a moment to answer them it would be appreciated greatly.  
If you would like further information on our findings you can write to me 
at my E-mail address and I would happy to get back in touch with you.  
Thank you in advance!

1.  What are the main problems you see associated with the constant 
change in technology from the view of higher education?

2.  Do you find it difficult to keep up with the technological changes?  
Why or why not?  To what extent do you try to keep up (i.e. staying ahead 
of the changes, learning on the job, taking classes, etc)?

3.  It has been said that four year programs are not as valuable in 
today's society because the rate of technological change is approximately 
every three years, so by the time a student obtains his or her degree, 
it's on past knowledge.  Why do you agree or disagree with this statement?

4.  How are college level classes changing to meet business' expectations 
(i.e. are the colleges changing their curricullum to meet the increasing 
technology or are the students responsible to "update" their own knowledge)?

5.  Do you feel that schools have the funding to keep up with the 
increasing technology?

6.  How is this new technology being introduced within the classroom 
setting?  Are professors accepting the new technology to prepare the 
students or are they sticking to their past teaching methods?

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