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jorg kirberg jorg.kirberg at bii.ch
Fri Nov 18 06:04:44 EST 1994

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(Henry Needham) wrote:

> Our lab is going to get a cell harvester (for 3H-Thymidine incorporation
> assay).  I only know one brand of harvester: PHD harvester from Cambridge
> Technology.  I wonder if anybody in the net knows other brands (do you
> like it and how much).  Your info is much appreciated.
> Ben Tjoa, Ph.D.
> Pacific Northwest Research Foundation
> Seattle, WA 98122
> (206)-726-1230

We use harvesters from LKB and the most recent from Paccard (might not be
spelled very correct).
The LKB works quite fine, gives much more automatation than any conventional
harvester. Acually all of the automated ones count several samples at the
same time, which makes them quite fast, and they count the uncutted filter
resulting in handling of one filter-mat instead of 96 small pieces where
you have to transfer them somehow into the counting vials.
The Paccard is new, so I don't have much experience. It is supposed do
be even better than the LKB in terms of necessary handling. The advantage
of the machine itself is that it is able to count several isotopes, e.g.
51Cr, ... which probably makes it to replace several other machines.

Maybe I underestimated the capabilities of the PHD harvester from Cambridge
Technology, as I have never seen one, and it is better than the ones I
mentioned - in case please forget about this post.

Good luck


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