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> Hi everyone, 
> Does anyone know of any other kit to use that locates fragmented 
> DNA in tissue sections other than ONCOR's Apoptag?  This kit works
> fine but, is expensive and the amount of reagents you receive is
> small.
> Thanks for any help
> Anne

You might want to look up TUNEL staining by Gavrieli et al. in J. Cell
Biol. 119:493 (1992). I haven't used this myself, just saw the results
displayed recently in a seminar by Jonathan Sprent here at the NIH.
Beautiful. He said that a trick is to leave the slides in the coldroom for
a couple of days with (after?) the stain. The downside: it is not a kit.
You make up the reagents. The upside: probably much cheaper than a kit.
Good luck!

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