Antibodies to Fish snRNPs

Ann Kleinschmidt akleinsc at
Mon Nov 21 14:40:24 EST 1994


I have an undergraduate student who has initiated a project to look at the  
developmental regulation of snRNP proteins in fish.  She has been  
successful at identifying snRNP proteins from mouse kidney, heart, brain,  
and liver extracts by immunoblotting using the mouse monoclonal Y-12  
antibody.  However, when she carried out the same technique using fish  
extracts, she was not able to obtain any antibody binding.  She did a  
control with mouse extracts at the same time and received positive  
results.  I have heard that the Y-12 mouse monoclonal does have a lowered  
binding efficiency for non-mammalian snRNP proteins, but I didn't realize  
that in some cases there would be no binding.  I guess that epitope is not  
very well conserved.

Has anyone used the Y12 antibody successfully with non-mammalian samples?   
If you have, what conditions did you find to work well?  Does anyone have  
antibodies (mono- or polyclonal) that recognize fish snRNP proteins that  
you would be willing to make available?

Thanks for your help,

You can respond directly to me.

Ann Kleinschmidt
Assistant Professor of Biology
Allegheny College
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