Cell Harvester

yun at sask.usask.ca yun at sask.usask.ca
Thu Nov 24 23:59:49 EST 1994

Try SKATRON inc. (800)336-0191
They have 96 well harvesters for $10,000-17000 and
12 well harvesters for $3000-7,000.
You may need to buy accessories with extra charge.
Hope this helps

In article <3adjob$l9t at case.cyberspace.com> benhenry at cyberspace.com (Henry Needham) writes:
>Our lab is going to get a cell harvester (for 3H-Thymidine incorporation
>assay).  I only know one brand of harvester: PHD harvester from Cambridge
>Technology.  I wonder if anybody in the net knows other brands (do you
>like it and how much).  Your info is much appreciated.
>Ben Tjoa, Ph.D.
>Pacific Northwest Research Foundation
>Seattle, WA 98122

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