Three Questions

Mark D. Puterbaugh walter at
Wed Nov 30 14:26:57 EST 1994

There are three questions that a friend has posed and would like
to see some discussion.  Unfortunately, he is not able to access
the Internet, so I am posting this message and will pass any replies

1) Is there in the disciplines of molecular biology, developmental biology,
   histology or morphology a general model of intracellular/intercellular 
   interaction to account for a linear sequence of DNA nucleotides specifying
   a three dimensional organism - in other words - How does one relate
   the subtle hues integrated when a collection of cells form an organism?

2) Specifically to Immunologists and Oncologists
   Can the same processes which function in preventive autosensitization be
   exploited by tumor cells to abrogate immune surveillance?

3) How does one account for freedom from morphostatic controls of
   transformed, malignant cells?


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