Antibody Production with synthetic Multiple Antigenic Peptides

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Wed Nov 30 19:05:11 EST 1994

In article <1523 at biosys.apldbio.COM>, devauxae at (Anne
deVaux) writes:

We are working on a project to raise antibodies to synthetic peptides
using MAPs.  We have synthesized a 15 residue peptide on a 4-branch MAP
construct.  This was used to immunize Balb/c mice and we obtained no
antigenic response.  We think this may be due to a lack of a T-cell helper
epitope.  Does anyone know of a universal T-cell epitope sequence
compatible with Balb/c mice?  Or, have another explaination for why we
obtained no response?

Unfortunately, you never mentioned what adjuvant you were using when you
immunized the mice.  In most cases, MAPS, like other simple peptide-based
immunogens, do indeed require an effective adjuvant and we have learned
that Freund's is often ineffective.

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