T cell Purification

psycler at netcom.com psycler at netcom.com
Sat Oct 1 12:11:04 EST 1994

Luis Diaz (cascas at umich.edu) wrote:
: I am interested in a fast and efficient protocol for obtaining a very
: pure T lymphocytes from peripheral blood.  Negative selection would be
: prefered - as to avoid activation - and the cells must not be responsive
: to superantigens or PHA stimualtion.  If anyone has any good ideas, other
: than standard E+ rossetting or  positive selection, please let me know.

The only T cell that would be unresponsive to PHA would be an anergized
one. Is this what you're asking for?

Do you want helper CD4s or cytotoxic CD8s or both?
You could select for these markers. As far as negative selection,
you're in for a long experiment.  There's over 200 other non-T cells
you'll have to negatively select out for removal.
 How about + selection for CD40-ligand?
                                             psycler at netcom.com

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