Leads on asthma?

Lamar Graham lgraham at pipeline.com
Wed Oct 5 17:25:10 EST 1994

Hi, all.  I'm a journalist in NYC (senior writer, Men's Journal [Rolling
Stone]; freelance for Money, Self, etc.).  I'm also a lifelong asthmatic. 
Thus, this posting is both personal and (perhaps) professional.... 
Can someone point me in the direction of sources -- electronic, print or
human -- about the immunological component of asthma?  I read Scientific
American's big special issue on the immune system last year, including a
lengthy piece about asthma, but I'd like to know more.  What's the latest
thinking about asthma being caused by some kind of immunological
dysfunction?  Who's doing the most interesting research?  Where? 
Thanks in advance for any advice. 
Lamar Graham 
lgraham at pipeline.com

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