IRC journal club?

Fri Oct 7 08:41:56 EST 1994

A live journal club would be useful.  However, I think a more useful
venue would be to use a scientist oriented MUD like BioMOO, which has
rooms specifically created for journal clubs.  The additional benefit
is that no one would need any special client software to use it (all
you would need is TELNET).  If you have never used BioMOO, telnet to 8888  and poke around some.  In fact, there is a
seminar there today by the guy who published the paper on primate
genetics in Science a couple of weeks ago.  It takes place in the
seminar room at 12:00 Central daylight time (USA).

> anyone else (besides me) interested in starting up an IRC 
> journal club?  I know there was talk about a journal club over the 
> newsgroup, but I think that sorta disappeared (???).  I think a live IRC 
> journal club would be much more conducive to holding a discussion (?).  
> Hmm.  Ideas?  Post or email to chan4 at
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