IRC journal club?

Ingrid Jakobsen ingrid at
Fri Oct 7 23:35:06 EST 1994

In article <dvchanCx81K9.5Dr at>, dvchan at (Derek Chan) writes:
|> anyone else (besides me) interested in starting up an IRC 
|> journal club?  I know there was talk about a journal club over the 
|> newsgroup, but I think that sorta disappeared (???).  I think a live IRC 
|> journal club would be much more conducive to holding a discussion (?).  
|> Hmm.  Ideas?  Post or email to chan4 at

Wouldn't it make much more sense to have such a journal club on bioMOO?
They're already set up, you only need a telnet link, not to get the IRC
protocol installed for each participant. And if you're on WWW you can
include full-colour slides in your presentation. 

(BioMOO is at on port 8888)


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