New database: MHC binding peptides

Vladimir Brusic, The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute vladimir at
Tue Oct 11 23:30:52 EST 1994

Version 1.0 of MHCPEP - a database of MHC binding peptides is now available 
for access using Internet gopher (

Queries and comments should be directed via email to vladimir at

Researchers are invited to contribute their data, which will be duly

Brief description:
MHCPEP is a curated database comprising over 4000 peptide sequences known to
bind MHC molecules. Entries are compiled from published reports as well as
from direct submissions of experimental data. Each entry contains the source   
protein (when known), an estimate of binding affinity and critical anchor
residues (if identified), and is fully referenced. The present format of the
database allows text string matching searches. The database can be accessed 
via Internet using gopher.

Vladimir Brusic, George Rudy, Leonard C. Harrison
MHCPEP: a database of MHC-binding peptides
Nucleic Acid Research, 1994, Vol. 22, No. 17 3663-3665

Vladimir Brusic
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute 
for Medical Research
Melbourne, Australia

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