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> Hi all!
> I was wondering...can anybody reccomend a fairly recent textbook/review
> article explaining the fish immune system? Preferrably also a text that
> points out the differences between fish and mammal immunology.
> Thanks in advance!
> Frode
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Hello Frode

I recommend the following review-articles about the immun system in fish. 
NB! We have the journal in the second floor!


Vallejo, A.N, N.W. Miller, & L.W. Clem. 1992. Antigen processing and
presentation in teleost immune responses.
Annual Review of Fish Diseases. 2:73-90.

Kaattari, S.L. 1992 Fish B lymphocytes: defining their form and function.
Annual Review of Fish Diseases. 2:161-180.

Chilmonczyk, S. 1992. The thymus in fish: development and possible function
in the immune response. Annual Review of Fish Diseases. 2:181-200.

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